Artist Statement:


We’re living in a world filled with distractions from nature and our true being. Many have never seen the Milky Way, or planets in the night sky. It is my purpose in life to remind everyone of the beauty of our universe, including the special world we live in.


There’s an amazing universe out there at night, it’s our connection to the past, our spirit, and all of the universal mysteries that lie deep within us. You just have to turn out the lights, get out, and look up. The affects of light pollution are significant on our health, safety, starlight, and the natural habitats of many different species. Stars are no longer visible in many locations around the globe. Worldwide practice of environmentally responsible lighting would reveal a vast cosmos of starlight from all over the planet, not just rural locations or dark-sky preserves. Imagine seeing your shadow cast only by starlight as our ancient ancestors once did!


I try to capture celestial moments that not many will get to see. I’m trying to show others our connection with Earth and Sky, as well as all life that we share this planet with, emphasizing the interconnected web we are all a part of. I like to think I’m raising consciousness to help heal our planet.


My main artwork will continue to be nightscapes displaying the combined beauty of our planet and the universe. My hope is that I can reconnect people to spirit through nature and starlight.


See an image you like or have a location you would like photographed? Commissioned work is always available, photos can be mounted on displays created from Earth materials with healing qualities. You can email me at for more information. Thank You for viewing my photography!

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