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I really appreciate it when people ask before blogging/using her photographs: it's polite, and I enjoy having my ego stroked. They are Creative Commons licenced for use as long as you don't make any money off them, and attribute them to me - that is, Hannah Swithinbank, with a nice link back to here. Thanks. I've recently started putting watermarks on my photos - mostly because of what's going on with the digital world and the law in the UK at the moment. You can read my rant about that here.


I'm a self-described Embryo Academic and part-time Globetrotter, currently to be found saving money to support both parts of that description, and living with my parents... Apart from the fact that I really rather like my work, I also enjoy the flexibility that academia can allow for travel - especially if I work *really* hard during the time between jaunts. I particularly like the occasions on which interesting conferences are thrown in exciting places around the world. I would be saving for a trip to the Galapagos, if only I didn’t keep spending the money on other, less expensive, travels.


My constant companions are my cameras and my notebooks (and now my iPod touch). I tend to shoot digital, but I have a great deal of affection for the lo-fi fun of lomography, and would really like to be able to develop film, because it’s such such a hassle finding places to develop 120 and 110 films nowadays.


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