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I'm proud to offer my photos under the Creative Commons attribution license. If you want to use my photos and attribute them to Ben Ostrowsky, you are welcome to do so without further permission or notification. Please note that I do not have likeness rights for anyone appearing in my photos, so you must not assume that you are free to use them in a way that requires likeness rights (e.g. appears to show the subject endorsing a product or service).


However, I love hearing from people who use my photos -- and if you're producing something in print and not just on a website, I'd love to have a courtesy copy. Contact me for my mailing address.


And if you like my work, you could always write me a testimonial!


About tagging: I try to use people's real names as tags wherever I can. A few people have requested that I use pseudonyms:


Cardinal Ximinez




If you would like a pseudonym in my tags, please let me know.


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Ben is one of the most enthusiastic people I know, committed to living and enjoying life to the fullest. He often surprises me with the amazing things he finds in his photographs, images I would never have noticed.

March 3, 2007