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This is the photostream for Zazoo & Satori (aka The Club Creatures).


Satori takes 98% of the shots in this stream. Of course you'll find pictures of us, our friends and random people we encounter in our nightlife adventures. Most of these shots are digital or scanned from the original 35mm negatives.


But you'll also find a lot of images of things that Satori finds fascinating. These have been shot with a variety of cameras: a few different Holgas, a Diana, a Pearl River TLR, a Mamiya C330 TLR (with a variety of lenses), a Mamiya R67, and a few different Digital cameras.


Favorite Subjects: People, Costumes, Make-up, Nightlife, Street Art, Graffiti, Fine Art, Sculpture, Historic Cemeteries, Urban Textures, macro Nature, low light moments.

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  • JoinedJuly 2005
  • OccupationSatori - Marketing Account Manager
  • HometownCincinnati, Ohio
  • Current cityBrooklyn, NY
  • CountryUnited States
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