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Originally from a rural southwestern Virginia town, I went to school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and after seven years in the Boston area moved to Washington, DC "for a year, no more than two." Somehow one or two turned into nineteen. It happens.


But all that's in the past. In mid-2006, my partner, Jeff, and I, along with our 14-year-old Maine Coon, Alex (short for Alexander Graham Bell-the-Cat), settled into a cute little mid-century modern tract home in the mid-century Westlake District in suburban Daly City, California.


In May 2007, Alex left our lives, sadly, but in October we adopted two new cats, Mojito (Mojo) and Tiki.


In February 2009 Jeff and I became registered domestic partners in California, and we had our wedding/commitment ceremony at the Cliff House in San Francisco on September 26, 2009.


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* happy together, our shared (and wedding) blog

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* my photos of Alex

* my photos of Mojo and Tiki

* Jeff's photos of Alex

* Jeff's photos of Mojo and Tiki


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