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I'm no more then an amateur photographer, always trying to improve, testing out new techniques that I learn from the many excellent photographers here on Flickr. Thanks for showing me the way!!


Amateur radio (Ham radio) and amateur weather are two of my other hobbies.


IT professional (CSIRT)

Specialize in computer forensics.

Amateur radio operator - N6OIM

Certified National Weather Service SKYWARN SPOTTER.


Citizen Weather Observer.

ID : # AS790 (N6OIM)

Fair Oaks, CA, USA


National Weather Service NWS -Fair Oaks CA- N6OIM page




Weather Underground KCAFAIRO7 N6OIM Fair Oaks


Weather Station Hardware on roof. NWS-AS790, WUnderground-KCAFAIRO7, Citizen Weather Network-N6OIM



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San Jose Sharks Playoffs !!

Thanks San Jose Sharks, for an excellent season!!!!



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Helicopter in Search orbit.. :-)




Sacramento Sheriff Department (SSD)


Tower Bridge (California)






Master of his Island


Texan Fork




European Starling, flock 1.


Flower Power!!   :-)


A cloud, inside of a cloud !!!


Sacramento Sundog


Fill 'Er Up with Ethyl, please!!  :-)


Gateway to the Abyss...


Liquid Gold, California H2O...


Sweet Dreams...


Gladiolus petal


Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.......


Hard at work...


Stones polished by the sea.


Do the Dandelion Dance..


Sonoma Coast State Beach


Night Blooming Cactus


Last Man Standing


A-ok !!


Bug Eyed!!




Staying on track..




International Space Station (ISS) and Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-129) quietly pass above..


We had SKY!!!


Natures solar panels


Up and Away. A California sculpture.




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  • JoinedJanuary 2006
  • OccupationIT, (big government)
  • HometownLos Altos, CA, (Now Fair Oaks, CA)
  • Current cityFair Oaks, CA
  • CountryUSA
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Oh goodness.... Here I am again.. Eric is a very kind person here on flcikr. He makes an effort to always visit stream making him a wonderful Flickr Friend. Funny and warm. He always makes me smile with his photos and descriptions. Eric, It's my HONOR to be your Flickr Friend!!!

August 21, 2009