I started photography in 2003, first my huskies and now I'm more into photography people on parties. But slightly different than most other photographers do. I'm trying to catch the moment, document discussions, experiment with flash and flim. and such.


My other passion, actually the one I intend to make money with, is webdevelopment. I worked for Lomo in 2008. My own little project is photostre.am, a flickr app I'v started october 2008. It allows you to show of you flickr photos in custom designed portfolio websites without requriering any technological knowledge or uploading any existing flickr photos. Give it a try: photostre.am

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  • JoinedJanuary 2005
  • OccupationWebdeveloper
  • HometownBerchtesgaden
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dedicated analog artist.

June 15, 2009