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Sorry to shout, but I've recently discovered a "major" publication has been using my work without my permission and without compensation, which is very minor league behavior. This latest incident has pushed me to the verge of making all of my photos here private, which is not something I want to do.


Okay. Moving on...


I moved to Brooklyn, New York in April 2004 after a long stint in the San Francisco Bay area in Northern California, where I worked as an engineer thru the peak of the "dot com" boom.


My primary website:


Most of my photo work these days revolves around my opposition to the proposed massive development called "Atlantic Yards". If built as currently planned, it would be one of the largest developments in Brooklyn history, and less than a block from my home.


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Atlantic Yards links:

Atlantic Yards photos

Atlantic Yards Photobook


Some of my photos are available for purchase on 500px and SmugMug.

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