Living in Denver, Colorado, since August 2010. Interested in wildflowers, wild places, day hikes, travel (mainly U.S. and Canada), all kinds of wild landscapes and habitats, especially mountains. I'm an amateur photographer, but rather serious about it, although I have little interest in the technical details. Unlike the guy in Bridges of Madison County, I take pictures rather than make them. More than anything, I like the challenge of finding the pictures to take. That's the art of my photography if there is any.


Many of my older photos were taken while living in Ithaca, New York, for 30 years; traveling to various corners of the U.S. and Canada on summer vacations; living for a year each in Las Cruces, NM, Eugene, OR, Tucson, AZ, and Asheville, NC; traveling full-time for six years in the U.S. and Canada; and residing for a few years each in Columbia, MO, and Grand Junction, CO.


In addition to my photos, I've also written a number of essays on wildness and related topics. The essays can be found at: You might especially like to see the one titled "Wild Photography."


Added by Laurie Hahn, Alan's wife and soul mate for 43 years:


It is with unbelievable sadness that I tell you Alan died on May 21, 2011 after a courageous battle against Renal Cell cancer. It has taken me this long to post this to all of you who have loved Alan's photos on Flickr. I will continue to keep his photos on Flicker for all of you to enjoy.


If you want to use any of his photos, please contact me at :

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