hello, i'm thalia and i'm not a photographer. my stream consists of mostly our everyday activities (crafting, cycling around, and stuff like that). the pictures are taken either with iphone camera or my beloved fuji x100.


i also like to draw, read comics, crochet, try out different kinds of food and watch nature (especially marine) documentary programs.

  • JoinedMay 2005
  • Occupationcomic addict
  • Hometownbandung
  • Current cityholland village
  • Countrysingapore
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woozy quince (deleted)

jie thalll.. aku dah bisa kniiittttt.. hauehuaheua alhasil harus ulang kerjain 4x!!! xDD anddd.. i went to golden dragon store di people's park centre at chinatown, and they apprently have a massive huge2 collection of yarns and everything you need about crafts and they teach, too! aku diajarin lao shi disana :p

August 16, 2007
godote says:

thalia is magic, she's born as an alien with a super genius brain.

November 6, 2005