I take pictures for my own fun and amusement. Sometimes they work, often they don't. It makes no difference. It's still fun. Please do not invite me to post pictures in groups which have rules. I distinguish between rules and fun.


Others here have noted that they do not style themselves "XXXX XXX Photography." I considered this for a while before concluding that "MD Hardly Frightened at all Bullfighting" or "MD Intrepid Stamp Collecting" were not truly representative of what I post here. So I stuck with the boring old format and I hope you will forgive me.


For practical reasons (ie it's easier, cheaper and I can do it in my pyjamas) I shoot quite a lot of still life scenes these days. That wasn't always the case but in contrast to models, tins of beans and the like do not smoke, never need a wee, don't have boyfriend issues, never enter themselves in beauty contests 100 miles away two hours before the shoot is scheduled to start. Old tins can hold a pose all day. I do sometimes still shoot other stuff if it jumps out in front of me or otherwise presents itself in an obliging sort of way. I don't shoot weddings, conceptions, divorces etc but I would quite like to shoot the raw emotion of a funeral if anyone is contemplating a dig in the near future...


The "methods" I have nicked, copied, borrowed, stumbled upon or otherwise absorbed are too sophisticated to be truly articulated to a mass audience. But I will try: fling some old stuff down, bang a light on it. All my stuff can be shot with any old tin can and a 10 bob light from that's enough now [Ed.]


It has become something of a tradition for photographers to list all the equipment they own. Perhaps in the hope that it may divert attention from the results they produce with it. Nonetheless, I'm happy to join in.


• An old camera I got on Ebay for £1, damaged. Don't know the make. Part of the body is cracked but I put some gaffer tape over it and it seems to work mostly.

• Some old lenses I got from a second hand shop in the low rent end of town.

• A pair of scissors, not very sharp.

• Some chalk.

• A light I got cheap in Lidl.

• Some old clocks that don't work.

• Some fire damaged books I got in a sale room after a long and liquid lunch in Edinburgh. All up about 50kgs and I had to lug them back to my hotel on the tram.

• A Tesco bag for carrying it around.


For what it's worth, copyright applies to my pictures too. If you're tempted to steal them, well first there are better shots to steal. You may also want to consider the $1.2m awarded to photographer Daniel Morel when Agence France-Presse and Getty Images used without his permission pictures which Morel had taken of an earthquake in his native Haiti. Qualified commercial photographers are taught how to enforce IPR. Best ask first, save us all the trouble...

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