I love to take photos. I try to capture the essence of a place. I have a book on Mount St Helens published by Arcadia Publishing. My first book of photos has been self-published on blurb. www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1226387

It is a compilation of photos showing the evolution of the landscape around Mount St Helens from prior to the 1980 eruption thru 2009. 150 photos on 80 pages.

My book and photos were a centerpiece for a piece on Discovery News: news.discovery.com/earth/st-helens-anniversary.html

My favorite place? Mt St Helens, of course! My camera nearly always goes along with me. Many of my pictures are stitched scenic panoramas since even a wideangle lens does not capture everything I want to record. Not all of my photos are going to be grade A number 1 type photos. Many will be copies of old "family" photos. Plan on seeing a wide mix of photos here though. Comments are always appreciated.


My photos have received their 2,000th visitors, since 9/04/06. WOW!

12/22/06. the day after the winter solstice my photos have received their 3,000th visitor! Thank you for viewing!


6/11/2007: Over 10,000 visitors have looked at my photos! WOW! In large part to the many photos I am posting from the AIDS Life Cycle/6 ride I did 3-09 June.

6/21/2007: WOW! 12,000 visitors and counting!

7/5/07: 13,000 visitors!

7/17/07: 14,000 visitors! WOW!!

8/25/07: 16,000 visitors!

Oct. 2007: 20,000 visitors!!

Nov. 2008: 216,117 visitors

Dec. 2008-Jan 09. I am in the process of copying my many slides and posting them to flickr. They are being posted, and are in no particular order.


When using my pictures please abide by the following:

o you must not use them commercially

o you must state me visibly as the photographer

o you are not allowed to modify them.

o you must inform me about when and where you use it.

If you want to use them commercially, please contact me.


Thank you very much!

David Anderson

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harsh scissors (deleted)

The most handsome fella I've seen on a bike. Also with the cutest cat in the world. Best combination ever.

February 25, 2008
Scott says:

David A gets a photo of me racing bikes every week - and that's awesome! Thank you so much for being out there with your camera. I have somewhere that I can point disbelieving family & friends to.

November 11, 2008

There's nothing postmodern about a bicycle. There just isn't.

December 8, 2006