I am a wildlife biologist with a camera ... not a photographer. My principal purpose behind any of the images seen here is documentation.


Formerly an Assistant Professor of biology at Heidelberg College (Tiffin, OH), I returned to full-time consulting in ornithological studies in 2001.


From 1988-2013, I was associated with the Black-capped Vireo survey and monitoring program in the Wichita Mtns of southwest Oklahoma.


I was the Ohio state reviewer for the Cornell Laboratory for Ornithology's Project eBird ... ebird.org from Nov 2005 to Aug 2016


Since 2004, I have co-authored the seasonal review for the American Birding Association's publication of ornithological record ... "North American Birds" ... of the Eastern Highland and Upper Ohio Valley (OH-PA-WV).


After a 6-year stint with the Ohio bird records committee, since 2006 I have served on the Oklahoma Bird Records Committee.

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  • JoinedJuly 2007
  • OccupationWildlife Biologist
  • HometownSydney, Australia
  • Current cityTinonee, N.S.W.
  • CountryAustralia


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