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*Thank you everybody, finally my works viewed 30,000hits!*


みなさんのおかげで30,000ヒット超えました! ありがとうございます!!!


i believe one of tear, one moment of wind and length of shadow have got charactors as same atmosphere as our face make smile, angree, cry and happy.


that is my only reason why i shoot landscape.


長崎で写真を撮り続けています。 ふとした一瞬見上げた空や、地面に映りこんだ影や。。。 そういうものをたくさん撮れたらなって。思ってます。 




thanks for all of you who make comments and to be joined me in your contact lists. love xxx

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Oh, a big surprise today!! I even don't know you are male from 2 years ago, even I got your signature from your postcard. Waooh!! your photos are splendid, especially the BLUE night, I love it!!

September 30, 2007