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Most of the photos are published under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license. I'll be glad when you let me know if you want to use the photo. Feel free to contact me regarding the use beyond the scope of the CC license.


Please credit any photo used and link back to the original Flickr page.


High resolution photos available upon request.



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$1 A Photo on the Horse View from Sky Pod Hollywood Sign No Hiking :-) Cali Road Snow-covered tree Rock Wicked Twister



Published photos:


Byward Market published in "Ottawa: The Unknown City"

Arsenal Pulp Press, 2007 / Amazon


Toronto City Hall published in "Toronto: A Short Illustrated History of Its First 12,000 Years"

James Lorimer & Co., 2008 / Amazon


Cedar Point parking lot published in "Sociology: A Global Perspective, 7th Edition"

Cengage Learning, 2008 / Amazon / Google Books


Hollywood Sign published in "The Structural Engineer, Volume 86 (2008), Issue 16"

The Institution of Structural Engineers, 2008 / Article PDF version


Hollywood Sign published in France-Amérique Journal 2009

FrancePress LLC, 2009


Manhattan Skyline published on the cover of "CBD Technical Series, Issue 47"

The Convention on Biological Diversity, 2010 / Full PDF version


More coming once properly scanned...




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