welcome to my flickr profile. i take way too many pictures wherever i go. some are of famous places. others aren't, but have a compelling setup. and many may, in fact, posses neither notoriety or arresting composition. i don't really know what i'm doing. i may mess with some of the simple settings on my canon or fudge a bit using picassa and the most rudimentary of tools in photoshop....but basically i point and shoot...even if i do so prolifically. i may masquerade as henri cartier-bresson or ansel adams, but do so without any harbored delusions. i sincerely hope browsing my albums gives you even a fraction of the enjoyment that i (get out of presenting.


oh yeah...i've only made public my pictures of places and things. if you want to see pictures of animate objects, i assume it's because you know me, so add me as a contact and i'll validate our friendship virtually. if you don't know me, well please enjoy the insentient.


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