TL;DR: My photo stream is on auto-replay, cycling old less interesting photos in and out while keeping interesting ones in, all while staying under the 1000 photo limit. Some new photos will be added into the mix, but almost everything is reposts.


The long version:


In late 2019 I drastically changed my photo stream, and I wanted to explain the changes to my 1.1k followers. Previously I had been posting new content periodically, trying to fill out as many days across the calendar year as I could. This was both artistic content and content showing my own life. In Oct 2019 I decided to not renew my Flickr subscription, which meant I had to delete >6k photos in order to stay under the 1000 photo limit, so I wrote some software to help me out.


However, I use my Flickr stream to provide photos for my own computer workstations' background and screensaver gallery. The content is comprised of photos from this day of the year through a few weeks into the future, in all previous years. So, now my photo stream is used to provide these photos. The end result is that there will be a LOT of recycled content going through my Flickr stream, and all photos are ephemeral and will be auto-deleted by the tool I wrote to trim my photo-stream from >7k down to <1000.


I felt the need to explain this because now favorites are not guaranteed, and unpopular photos will be auto-deleted after an unknown period of time. This goes against what I had originally wanted Flickr for: a place to permanently display artistic and personal photos for everybody's benefit. Sadly I think this workflow also goes against the community spirit of Flickr. It's the best that I can make for my own use out of what Flickr is offering these days, and I am happy with it, but I think it may be frustrating to anybody who expects photos to stick around, which I think is most Flickr users. I know I would be disappointed if people I followed began deleting their photos and re-uploading them. However due to the reasoning behind this behavior, that Flickr made changes to the site that forced non-paying users to delete lots of content, I don't think this is unreasonable. This is just way for me to use what is provided in a way that is useful to me.


Maybe I'm being overly dramatic and nobody actually cares, but just in case I felt it was worth explaining what was going on to folks who have been following me, favoriting and commenting on my photos.

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