Wessex Archaeology is an international heritage company based in the UK. We are a registered charity with educational objectives, and we use the web to help disseminate our knowledge.


The aim of our Flickr gallery is to inspire people to learn about heritage and archaeology, and to provide a glimpse of what life is like as an archaeologist.


Using Our Photos

To actively encourage non-commercial use of our photographs, we have adopted a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license for most of our photos hosted on Flickr.


We appreciate a link back to the original photo page here on Flickr so that people can find out further information.


For further information about what this means, see this post on our news blog.


To use our images commercially

Please contact Business Support at businesssupportsalisbury@wessexarch.co.uk.


Find Out More

For more about us visit our own web site at www.wessexarch.co.uk


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