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Just looking for a flavour of my collection? Here are some of what other users deem to be my best ones.


What I do

By day ... My passions lie in cultural collections and data, and delivering high quality digital stuff - websites, mobile apps etc. Having just started working for the Europeana project, with an office at the British Library and fortnightly trips to The Hague (and elsewhere) I couldn't have found a better place to work! Before that I managed the website development team at Kew Gardens, sitting behind a computer, in an office, but in a place with flowers, beautiful landscapes, and more heritage than you can possibly imagine.

In my own time... I collect vintage photographs, and share them on Flickr for all to see, to enjoy, and hopefully to identify. I also share other people's photos and lots of hopefully interesting stuff via @PhotosOfThePast on Twitter.


What I do on Flickr

In any spare time I might have left I love sharing my photographic 'finds' and participating in the whole vintage photograph community on Flickr and I run several groups, of which the most notable are ...


Vintage Photographs (pre-1945) [Directory]

If you're going to go anywhere, go here. It's a 'meta-group' with a listing of all the vintage photograph groups I have ever encountered on Flickr, arranged by categories. Something for everyone!


Geotagged : Vintage photographs

A single place in which to find, and map, all the geotagged vintage images on Flickr. Help to create a historic photographic map of the world.


Vintage Dated Photographs

A single place in which we can create a timeline of vintage photographs and photography. The group uniquely combines images from personal collectors through to major instituional collections in one place.

- See the interactive timeline from the Vintage Dated Photographs group

- I've also created a timeline of all pre-1900 Flickr Commons images


Screengrab: Flickr Commons interactive timeline


What's that picture?

A place to unravel mysteries. I have a personal fascination for mystery vintage photographs, and if you have any of your own I would encourage you to add them to this group. Who knows, if you get them identified you can then move them on to the Astonishing Power of Flickr group, where you can see some great examples of Flickr photos that have been located, dated, named, and all sorts of other information discovered about them!


I also take my own photographs, a few of which you'll find scattered in amongst the vintage stuff!


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