What What is made up of Twins, known to some as John and Ed. What What is also a place inhabited by strange characters who struggle to communicate with each other.


Join us in our obsession with characters:

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Idle Idol

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WhatWhat- good twin/bad twin. Sharing a love of pier animals (or Idle Idols if you must) means the What What's get a vote of 'hurrah' from me. I think i'm in an exhibition with them soon...

October 21, 2005

this pair of twins rock the flickrverse - their characters are oh-so-cute and doodles o-so-wacky. i am still confused as to who does what, but the mystery will be solved when i cross the big pond in search for what and what. until then...!

July 5, 2005

What What knocked me down by their characters, illustration, and lovely photos. They are always digging up characters and idols in somewhere by a good sense. And, I am always stimulated.

June 26, 2005

These guys are a nice fella! We were introduced thru friends when they were in malaysia.. Hey u guys had nice photos la! haha.. Keep it up!

May 4, 2005