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In early 80s I received my first own camera ever - Smena 8M. It was an extremely simple camera made in the Soviet Union. Fortunately this simplicity forced me to learn about photography principles (exposure, aperture, ISO etc.). The second camera was more sophisticated Zenit 11. This time it was a SLR camera. I have been using it for many years (more than 12) and I can't say antything bad about it. It was a really good camera. But "the world is changing" and in 2003 I bought a new SLR camera Minolta Dynax 5 with kit lens 28-100 mm. I've been using it only for 3 years. It was the time when digital cameras started to gain the market and I found traditional photography too expensive. In 2006 I decided to buy my first digital camera. After three months of reading articles, foras and tests I bought Nikon D50 which I use up to date. Nowadays I usually shoot with Nikkor 18-200 mm VR lens (initially I used two kit lenses 18-55 mm and 55-200 mm but after a few trips I almost went crazy because of non-stop switching between them). Additionaly I use kit lens 18-55 mm (mainly when I'm taking photos indoors). I have also 500 mm lens (M42 standard) and sometimes (frankly speaking not often) I try using it for taking pictures of animals.



Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com



Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com


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