Born 24 July, 1961. Happy and fulfilling childhood thanks to a wonderful mother (Christina) and fantastic father (Clive), involving plenty of laughter, walking, swimming, sailing and cycling while living in Fiji, Australia and England.


Christian since 1980. Father of four loving, good-looking, intelligent, fabulous children; Sky (b.1986), Brook (b.1988), Cyan (b.1991), Zak (b.1992).


Single (Divorced 1995).


Worship at Northolt Park Baptist Church.


Realistically optimistic. Rational, with a deep streak of sentimentality. Love honesty, hate my dishonesty. Gregarious, but like my own space. Willing to work very hard for something that I want.


Love music, listening to it, reading about it, collecting and organising it. Train at gym five times a week, mainly weight-training, supplemented with cardiovascular work and dynamic stretching sessions.


I enjoy words, the way they sound, their richness, their origins and their potential to enable (and sometimes obfuscate) communication.


My idea of a very good time is a relaxed but lively conversation with friends while eating good food and drinking great wine.

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