my eye is a mouth

my eyelids are the mouth's lips

my eye lashes are the mouth's teeth

my eyeball is the mouth's tongue

my iris is the top of the tongue

my pupil is the mouth's kiss

my eye socket is the mouth's palate

my optic nerve is the mouth's pharynx

my brain is the mouth's stomach

my images are the mouth's digestion

my life is the mouth's excrement

Dieter Roth


And I have a strong apetite :-)

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Photos of seacucumber/ pepino-do-mar ANNEKE


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Impossible Whistle (deleted)

Anneke is a great artist! She constantly shares with us- *her art *her life *her creativity I never fail to smile whenever I see red dots, I instantly think to myself "Zeekomkommer has been here!"

January 13, 2007
Blue Potato (deleted)

Lief Zeekomkommertje It's because of the colors It's because of shape It's because ....... Every picture you take Every move you make Every step you take Ill be watching you Every single day Every word you say Every game you play ...... Ill be watching you :o)

August 9, 2006

anneke is a force of nature she has a brave eye and a brave heart her work delights me and it touches me deeply dank u, beste vriend

May 13, 2006

and i love her with bare feet and i love her red boots and i love her kitchen and i love her photos and i love her work and i love her and i love and i and

May 1, 2006

Zeekomkommers' pictures often make me smile. She's able to give 'symplicity' a face and to bring the inner child in people to the surface... Bright colors, beautiful pieces of art and very inventive are the keywords for her work!

October 4, 2005
Web Kim says:

There's art in everyday life. That's what Zeekomkommer shows me. There's always compositions, forms, colours or objects that are fun to look at. Zeekomkommers Flickr page is a legitimate excuse not to visit a REAL museum. Just browse through her photo's now and then. They're art.

July 31, 2005
Berta says:

Ik ben Super-Fan van Anneke en haar kunst!!! Zij weet als geen ander, uit het allerdaagse het bijzondere te halen ... Als ik 'bij haar langs kom', verrast zij mij keer op keer.

July 30, 2005
Mieke says:

De foto's van Zeekomkommer zorgen voor een glimlach op mijn gezicht. Ze is origineel, grappig en heeft gevoel voor kleur en detail.

July 25, 2005

Zeekomkommer heeft een oog voor de schoonheid van het kleine, van de dingen die je dagelijks ziet maar normaal gesproken gewoon voorbij loopt. Dat oog is een bijzonder talent wat het een feest maakt de foto's te bekijken.

June 29, 2005