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Secret Beach, Maui, 27 seconds | by Zeb Andrews
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Secret Beach, Maui, 27 seconds

I am almost done scanning and processing the film from Maui. It's been fun, but it has also been a bit of a chore. I just have too many other projects going on right now that are more exciting than sitting in front of a computer editing images. Know what I mean?


The Chieu Hoi project continues to move along. You haven't heard much from me on that front lately but that doesn't mean nothing has been happening. We have been poring over BLADs (book layout and design) to submit to publishers and working on editing audio captions for an iPad book and that should all be producing some exciting results soon. Last night I listened to audio recordings that Charlie had made while in Vietnam and they gave me chills. It was like opening a window 45 years into the past and feeling a chill breeze blow through it. Keep an eye peeled for for the upcoming issue of the Portland Tribune which will be featuring several of the photos and an interview.


And then Blue Mitchell just handed off the Lezless submissions for jurying..... 933 of them. Oh boy. I did a first pass through them all last night just to get acquainted and it is really an amazing collection of work. I feel particularly lucky to be presented with such an impressive group of photography to sift through. Judging it down may be tough, but for all the best reasons. A big "well done" to everyone out there who submitted. You guys and gals do some truly amazing work.


And then thanks to Donna I have been inspired to do some nighttime pinhole photography. It has been obvious to me for several years that there is a glaring hole in the territory I explore with pinhole cameras and that hole exists right between twilight and dawn. I have just never been motivated to really get out after it. Or rather, I have been more motivated to go exploring other places. But now I have a WPC loaded with Delta 3200 that is two exposures in. And they really weren't all that bad either, in terms of exposure length I mean. I rate my Delta 3200 down to about 1000-2000 ISO (it loses speed if not processed in certain Ilford developers and isn't as truly a 3200 ISO as it may seem). And even with the lower speed I was calculating 8-16 minute exposures in the downtown park blocks at night. That's totally doable. I consider anything under 30 minutes a fairly easy wait and certainly anything under an hour is feasible... even if its raining. ;-)


As if all that isn't enough I heard it started snowing up on the mountain... Doesn't sound like I will be spending much time staring at Maui photos this friday either.


But they'll get done, eventually. One of the reasons I use film - and pinhole cameras for that matter - is I like not having to feel rushed. Some things benefit from taking more time. And if film has taught me anything over the years it is an appreciation for delayed gratification. But to tide you over, here's a pinhole image from a pretty little beach on Maui and the first sunset I ever saw from a Hawaiian island.

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Uploaded on November 5, 2013