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iPhone 5S charger exploded | by jmafonseca78
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iPhone 5S charger exploded

Our original iPhone 5S charger blew up in our co-workers's hand.


Fake chargers have been known to be high risk, and there have been deaths reported recently. Honestly, I expected higher quality from an original Apple product. Just to add to the cringe factor, this happened on the toilet power outlet. Gladly, no one was harmed, despite the proximity the fingers to the actual short circuit as you can see on imgur. Also note that the mains pins are not damaged: the actual burst was on the USB side.


Be very careful with *any* device charger. Never use your phone while it charges, never use another device while they're both charging as it may form a circuit. Just because it is 5 Volts USB it does not make it safe. There is a power line just 3 milimeters away from the USB jack inside this enclosure.


These switch-mode chargers are getting smaller and smaller and the physical shielding between 220VAC mains and the trusted USB output is literally just millimeters away. Distance means safety in electricity, and as great as these little charges look, I think safety's being compromised for aesthetics here.


No matter how efficient new switched-mode power supplies are, there's an informal law in electricity: distance means safety.


Be extra careful with any charger, *including* original brand name chargers.


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Taken on March 22, 2012