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Chamí Antpitta (new species in Colombia) - Endemic | by Bruno Conjeaud
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Chamí Antpitta (new species in Colombia) - Endemic

(Grallaria Alvarezi) B28I3305 Ventana's Pass - Jardin - Colombia


(Grallaria alvarezi) Cuervo, Cadena, Isler, & Chesser, new species

Distribution. Endemic to Colombia in Western Andes from Paramillo, northwestern Antioquia, south to north, Western Cauca, 2350–3650 m.

The new name of the Antpitta that you photographed in Ventanas pass is Chamí Antpitta (Grallaria Alvarezi) and its new for science !!!

Last Tuesday (21 July 2020) was published a new scientific paper that gives us a clear view of the Rufous Antpitta (Grallaria rufula) complex. Before this study, there was only one species of this Antpitta distributed from Venezuela to Bolivia throughout the Andes mountain range, but now we know there are not only one, in fact, there are 16 species !!!

In Colombia now we have 5 species more:

1. Chamí Antpitta (Grallaria alvarezi), distributed in western Andes wichs is also new for science !!!

2. Equatorial Antpitta (Grallaria saturata), in the central Andes.

3. Muisca Antpitta (Grallaria rufula), in the eastern Andes.

4. Perijá Antpitta (Grallaria saltuencis), in Serranía del Perijá, northern Colombia.

5. Sierra Nevada Antpitta (Grallaria spatiator), in Santa Marta Mountains, northern Colombia.


Here is the link to the complete study, I hope is useful for you and all bird lovers.


Regards from Colombia.

Juan Carlos Obando Chacon.

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Taken on February 16, 2020