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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet the CONSERVATION CORPS #1 { one shot } Cover by  SCOTT SHAW  (( 1992 )) | by tOkKa
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet the CONSERVATION CORPS #1 { one shot } Cover by SCOTT SHAW (( 1992 ))

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-->> "Environmental concerned are not limited to our Earth" ..


Benevolence, the Peaceful and Green Loving Alien in regards to Earth :: That planet below-- so blue,so green,so brown, so BEAUTIFUL.


I only hope it's inhabitants have the foresight to keep it that way.


My People Didn't. They called my race..'ADVANCED' ...Superior...


"Sophisticated" Intellect brought the good life, the 'EASY' life.


We forget that nothing is free. There's always a price to pay. The fee for an industrialized world is a DYING WORLD ..


Transporting in his ship high above Earth ..the 'source of life' .."NATURE" itself .. in the form of Enviro-pods. En route to save the Smoldering Mass he called home ..


and a tragic meteor shower had other plans for the Alien.


A deadly crash in the Arctic ..with his last dying move ..Benevolence released the Enviro-pods in the hopes of helping to defend the planet Earth ..and save her from the same horrible fate that that had destroyed his own.

Causing metamorphoses wherever they landed .. in England a tiny hedgehog became the rock-hard ::

StoneHedgehog !!


On the Great Plains of North America a thirsty buffalo became the mighty aqua master ::

Water Buffalo the Amazon Rain Forests teensy little fly became the explosive ..::



..and on the Savannahs of Africa ..a hot day and a hot rhino finds shade undrr a tree..only t become the 'Tree'-mendous ..::



..a 5th Pod mysteriously plopped deep down into the Pacific never o be seen again ((.. or ..- - ? ! ))


The gifts bestowed upon the new team by the Enviro-pods would help them fulfill Benevolence's wish to help them preserve their planet and perhaps others.


But time could not be wasted ..a radioactive oil spill in the Atlantic was causing unspeakable havoc.


Fate again would intervene.. and thanks to a certain Trans-cosmic Transporting cow-head named "Cudley the Cowlick" .. the new team would cross paths with Splinter and the TMNT to help stop the destruction of the oil spill and the radioactive-oil mutated Abomination known as :: THE OILY BIRD !! ..


This was a one shot followed by a 3 issue mini-series all printed on recycled paper !!



~ t

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Taken circa 1992