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Rangerette Big Tree 2 resized | by flyingstarfish777
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Rangerette Big Tree 2 resized

Graflex Crown Graphic with Schneider Symmar-S 150mm.... around f7? at 1/25.... I was trying to shoot it wide open at f5.6 for maximum bokeh and subject... My meter gave me an in between reading and compensated with aperture as it's continuously variable.....


I have two pics on 4x5 of this bicycle. It belongs to my girlfriend's mother. We go out to visit her mom every week or so.... This was a second take... For the first take, to me, the subject was spot on. I couldn't ask for any better... But the background scenery could stand for improvement, so that's what we did... On this take, unfortunately, it was fairly sunny and the spots of sun and shade through the trees kind of seem to ruin the subject, awesome background. First shot using the Schneider too...It's crispy...Love it!!!!

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Uploaded on April 3, 2018