Concert shots from the 80s.

. . . . and I am always grateful to: Fu Manchu and Susie Que and the girls of the floating world - the Dum Dum Boys and the Gunbeat Babes - Luana and her Black Reptiles and the Fat Lady of Limbourg - Mr. Lawrence and the children who played in a forest of feathers - Pope Ondine, Rosy and Miss Rayon and Charly's girl - Lolita and Guernica who did it - the boy with the gun and the nightporter - Twig the Wonder Kid and the girl with the mousy hair - the girl from Poland who said Brezhnev and the boy from Santo Domingo who said cocaine - los outros romanticos e santa clara, padroeira da televisao and not to be forgotten: the yellowstone ranger who was struck seven times by lightning . . . . .
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