Lego Speed Champions – McLaren Senna 8 Studs
My 10-year son is a big fan of the Lego McLaren Senna (set 75892).

Whilst this official set is very well made and with some clever build techniques, I always found that the car dimensions were rather wrong (vehicle too narrow / too long).

I must admit it is a tricky challenge to resolve in a 6-studs wide scale.

So, here is my own re-interpretation of this model - this time in 8-Studs wide.

Besides a better width/length ratio, this extended scale has allowed me to enhance the design further and include a rear engine, the iconic 3 exhausts (far much nicer than the Lego sticker on the original set!!) or a luxury cabin.

Nonetheless, I kept a few original Lego stickers and added my own ones (such as the infotainment screen), to add a further touch of realism.

I hope you like this MOC!


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