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March 15, 2019... (Part VIII) | by Ameya Moon
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March 15, 2019... (Part VIII)

Burrow / Dox Crossover - Apartment Series


Part VIII - March 15, 2019


I never been someone to obsess over days, really. I've heard how many relationships have stupid fights on the significance of days that should mean a lot, but to be honest it took a bit to really find this day. Well I knew it in the back of my mind what day it was but if I was gonna tell our story, I knew that this day had to be told.


March 15 was the day that you and I had our first connection.


It was so weird for me because I was still going through depression from my last relationship. I was ghosted by a man I called my best friend. He wasn't my lover, or my first love but it was so painful to realize that after being with him for three years he could just leave.


I remember when my friend had brought you to my party. It was weird how she had wanted to invite you but she had said that you were great. I still laugh to myself because I was so busy planning my party that I never really noticed you that day.


To me, you were just another player. Another guy flirting with every girl, especially my best friend. If I'm truly honest, I never liked you, or could be in the same room together.


I laugh at myself because I was so mean that even I felt guilty and asked if we could talk. I asked for that one phone call and oh how that changed everything.




That phone call was everything...


We were both so happy, so connected that we could've just said goodnight and tried to call each other the next day but why was it that we couldn't hang up.


If we were honest, we were both scared...


I know I was scared because the moment I heard your voice, I knew I had met the man of my dreams. I met the one that would change everything and oh how this is true. How could one simple phone call spark that? How could I want you so much but be so scared. How is that, a girl like me could fall in love so easily after being hurt.


This is how we started.




We started with a phone call.




And we also started at this coffee shop.



This was our first time.




A little flashback...


Taken at Burrow Co.


Happy weekend my beautiful friends and followers ♥


I've seriously missed writing to you guys! To be honest, I've been so caught up with working on this series that I thought it was time to write a bit on the caption.


I'm so sorry if this is so OOC but then again this story could be true or not true. ( sorry... a writer never tells, hehe) This picture is sort of a filler for the story but also a great significance to where Ameya found her first love.


This story will be based at the Apartments but who doesn't love a good story crossover. Plus Burrow actually plays a very significant role into this love story. So here I present to you Nami, well Ameya Moon but remember she changed her name at the apartments. So Nami was the girl he met.


I promise that this will make a lot more sense soon.




Ameya Moon



Dox Series


Backstory - Ameya Moon moved out of their home quickly. Rushed out of the house she had with her partner to escape to an apartment so far away. She changed her name so that he couldn't find her, but also for her own self. During those 5 months she worked on herself, she made new friends but it still seemed that she was stuck alone. Her smile and words reflected happiness but if you saw her body... it was full of wounds so hard to heal.


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