PyCon CZ, Ostrava, 2019
Some shots from a trip to Ostrava for PyCon CZ, June 2019

In the event, I was more inspired by the place, its history and architecture - a parallel history to the place of my birth, the Black Country in the British West Midlands - than the conference itself and so the title is a little misleading. The film shots here had an awkward history as, soon after this visit I went "home" for the first long period in the last five eventful years, leaving them in the shop. The envelope with the negatives was sent back to the warehouse and the scans eventually deleted from the on-line store before I got a chance to pick them up. They had to be re-scanned and I suspect the second time around, once the negs have already been cut (it's a choice but I opted for it), it's possibly trickier. I'm shooting with a manual Chinon SLR which has seen better days and was never all that in the first place. This was also my first proper outing with a Sony Alpha and, though I had only the standard lens, it did fine, but I recorded more video with it than still shots and, though I also have only one lens for the film camera, I remain convinced that I will never prefer a digital camera for this kind of photography. As to the style of photography, then, well, it is probably hackneyed as hell but it is also quite honestly what always appealed to me (I did a course in photography in the short time I was at Sandwell College studying Sound Engineering in the late nineties and would wander around taking shots that might adorn a 'punk' album); in any case, I overintellectualise my writing enough not to want to do so with the shots themselves.

I intend to make a photo essay of these which will say more about some of the themes it all brings up, but for that I have to finish writing that Flask web application backend - in Python: maybe something of the conference did rub off after all.
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