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Decay_01/13 | by Ixelkhan
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I blew a car tyre on the highway around 10.30 on a chilly morning and had to call for a towcar (don't ask. Just don't) to take me to a garage. There, I learned it would take around 2 hours to get a tyre and have it fitted. Right on the other side of the street was this place. I was told it used to be where the SNCF (french national railroad) used to repair and maintain trains and engines. Apparently they could work on several ones at once...


So I had my camera and about one hour to waste, now. Great. What I didn't have was a tripod and a really warm jacket (I was supposed to be cosily travelling by car, remember?) The temperature was around 2°C. There was frost at the back of the building, in the places that were still in the shade (check image 13).


I soon gave up any artsy or moody touch about what I was doing... I don't really have the hold of any camera yet, it was dark inside and dazingly bright outside because of the hazy weather (check image 4 to get what I mean... the conditions were perfect for silhouette shots, which were not what I had in mind), my hands were numb and I was generally shivering so much I couldn't try for long exposures anyway. Add the stress because I was missing important appointments and could not properly focus myself, had one battery left and one 1 Go card only so I did not really dare for 3-exposures-per-shot, either...


Basically, I settled for "testimonial-of-what-was-there" mode... 200-400 ISO (don't like to use the camera flash), Shutter Priority or Full Auto Mode. Then I spent some time with software to make it look a bit like what I saw (yes, I completely forgot about Spot Measurement, for instance).... It's not HDR even though sometimes it might tend to look like it :-)


There were two other building at the back which I didn't have the time to explore. The whole place will be eradicated from the face of the Earth (to the relief of the people who live and work around it, I must say) to be replaced by a commercial area and a cinema. Starting... one week after I was there, so by December 20, 2006 the machines should start tearing down the walls. Well, they're about all that's left anyway, really.

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Taken on December 15, 2006