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magic eye // I have been tagged | by SnaPsi Сталкер
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magic eye // I have been tagged

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I have been tagged (by keroleen73) and asked to provide 16 random facts about me, so here we go:


1. I changed my lastname twice in my life - maybe I can shake them off...


2. When I was twenty and did alternative civilian service, we had to take part in a two week seminar. In the evening there were optional subjects one could take part in - At that occasion I learned how black and white photography works, how to make prints etc... since that time I am addicted to photography and I still have the equipment for the chemical process in the cellar.


3. I learned chess from my grandpa when I was six - and when my little sister was three, I taught her to play too. I used jelly bears as motivation - she's not playing anymore (probably fed up with jelly bears).


4. Until I was 16 I was always the odd one out. Two years later I was elected 'president' - weird thing... the less you care if you are popular, the more popular you get?


5. I don't believe there is a god - but if there is, I think she will forgive me...


6. I read all books by Terry Pratchett (I hope there are more to come). I also read Douglas Adams (who hasn't?) and Robert Rankin.

People who read these kind of books tend to become crazy lunatics. Weirdly enough I remained completly sane!!!!!


7. I decided my career would be in information technolgy when I was faszinated by computers as a kid of about 8 years. I asked my dad how they work - he usually could explain all that technical stuff, but he had to pass on computers - so I had to find out myself.


8. I live with my wife, my two daughters, a dog and two cats (didn't count all the small bugs and germs creeping around in human dwellings). [update: and my son][


9. I don't like shopping - that is probably the main reason why I usually wear only one pair of shoes until they break and I have to buy a new pair. (I am also afraid of the shoe event horizon and therefore try to buy as few shoes as possible.


10. I spent three days in a hospital when I was 10 years old or so. I turned around to see if my friend was watching when I was riding a bike freehandedly... don't look back!


11. I can't live without coffee - I admit it, I am addicted. But I quit smoking after smoking for 12 years - just from one day to the other.


12. I would have a big collections of single malt whiskeys if I was rich.


13. Not all of my facts start with "I"


14. I usually don't like pictures and portraits of myself - another good reason to be the one behind the camera.


15. I am not paranoid, they are really after me...


16. I am not superstitious, but for some unclear reason I choose 17 to be my lucky number when I was a kid - now I am lucky I don't have to think about a seventeenth fact about me that anyone could find interesting...



About the picture: There is no good, current picture of me to upload for this... I took this picture of my right eye and blended in my wedding ring, the aperture of an old Voigtländer lens, and the clockface of my watch - three items which are significant for me...

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Taken on January 14, 2009