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Bald Eagle | by ship rock
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Bald Eagle

"White-headed sea eagle" - that's the translation from the scientific name, and surely an appropriate name for the species !


National Emblem of the United States (by an Act of Congress in 1782). Declared endangered in 1967 (due to spraying mosquitoes with DDT); population rebounding. Largest congregation - along Chilkat River, just south across the border in BC's northwestern corner, and upstream a little along the highway from Haines, AK. Other well known gathering places at Squamish, Harrison River and Boundary Bay, BC.


One of North America's two eagle species and this one is exclusive to North America (the other is Golden Eagle). They're big and majestic - males around 7.5 lbs and females around 12.5 lbs. Chicks weigh in around 0.2 lbs on hatching; around 8.8 lbs two months later, implying that fathers are pretty good at hunting and fishing and that mothers are pretty good at preparing meals.


They're at the top of their food chain; no worries about predators; vision is about 4 times better than humans; feed on almost whatever is going - preferring fish and carrion and what ever they can steal from ospreys. Stick nest is huge, with a view, at the top of the biggest tree, or on a high cliff. One brood, 2 eggs, incubation 35 days, fledging 80 days.


The link below leads to Neil Diamond and his powerful rendition of "America". Have a listen:

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Uploaded on June 11, 2018