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Day: 32/365 (Grillin' Em) | by The Taste of Waste
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Day: 32/365 (Grillin' Em)

Day 32,


“And the whole top diamond, and the bottom row’s gold”


When you can’t justify the thousands of dollars on metal in your mouth, jet on over to your bodega and grab some foil, bring your change.


Grills, hahahaha, I find them hilarious, more so, what I find hilarious is what the ridiculous rich who are ridiculously rich tend to spend their money on. Grills aren’t even that high on my list of laughable wastes of money, but it’s up there. I know a few cats back in the poutine capitol who are faithfully grilled up, and let me shout out my boy E, who is amongst them…why homie!? I’ve asked him several times, once everyday for an entire week just to get on his shit, but I never could get a straight answer out of him…maybe it was the Haitian Creole and my lack of any French whatsoever that was the main factor, but, still…I’d like to get a reasonable answer.


I’m sure a lot of people don’t understand, or think anything of the general spending on material items, but this one blows me away. Maybe they’ve got the same reasons that I do when it comes to kicks and fashion in general…I do it for me, because I like it, because I love it, because it represents a part of me that I like to showcase for the rest of the world to see…or maybe not…but if so, I’d like to hear that come out of the mouth of a canary diamond enamel, as slurred as it might be.


So if you’ve got grills, hit me up on here, if you don’t have an account, sign the F up and holler at me!


“Open up my mouth and you’ll see more carats then a salad”

-Pow Wow (with his mouth full), The Peoples Champ.


Here’s the link for this fantastic song where I copped the quotes from.


I’m in a bullshittin’ mood, hahahaha.



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Taken on December 17, 2008