Sociometry Fair 2008
Images From Sociometry Fair 08. Friday June 13th and Saturday June 14th at Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago Illinois.

Since 1996 The Sociometry Fair has followed the same quadrennial schedual as the summer Olympics and the Presidential nominating conventions. Sociometry Fair 2008 is fourth in the series. IS agents gather to present their previous four years of research on free standing tri-fold displays and motion pictures.

Sociometry Fair 1996: -- hosted by The Loft, a media, and meditation cult in San Diego, California.

Sociometry Fair 2000: -- hosted by Soulciety, and is agent Bird Steckel in Denver, Colorado.

Sociometry Fair 2004: -- hosted by The Katherine Gianaclis Park For The Arts and is agent Ktov Molitov in Las Vegas Nevada.

To enter a municipality in the running for hosting the fair, an agent from that city has to travel to the current fair. In the biennial interim a vote is held among all previous contributors.

Cities running for 2012:

Olympia Washington
entered by Ktov Molitov
winner of the Las Vegas 2004 fair.

San Francisco California
entered by F.R. Russ Forster
and Maggie Feldman
winners of the Chicago 2008 fair.

Baltimore Maryland
entered by Jacuta

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