mccain flags
Venice, California

hi there friends,

i hope we are all well. this year, this election year, will impact us all. you and me and everyone we are connected to. there will be stories coming in a year, nightly, about what change november 4th, 2008 had on everyone of us, as individuals and as a whole. not just you, or your home, or your city, or your country, but us all as a whole.

and i think we all have, at a moment in our lives, thought maybe i can affect this. can make it better, or to use the word, lovelier. everyone enjoys a nice find each day with a slow turn and a smile on our face. to know that today will be better than the last...and that yesterday was pretty amazing. isn't that what it's about. to know that yesterday was a joy, for everyone, and tomorrow, even better. do you ever think that's possible? i do.

buckminster fuller believed that there are no things, just action. no solids, just perception. that on some level, it is all moving. that you are a verb.

you are moving. right now. towards and away things. thoughts to actions to moving...towards that nice morning. no matter your view, we all want the same thing, for tomorrow to be better than today.

and today i purposefully moved. this is what happened: the other day i was shooting baskets by the beach and on the walk back home, i saw a pile of poo. it's gross i know, that people don't pick up after their dogs, but that's how it is right now. simultaneously, i've been talking to a lot of people who want to do something, purposefully, in regards to this election. when the two coalesced, i moved.

while i was putting flags in poo around venice, people stopped, and smiled, and took photos and chatted and overall, became happy. maybe it was the message, or maybe it was the act. but what i found was that as i moved, they moved. and it felt good. good enough to share. if you want a template to make your own flags and find your own poo to brighten, send me an email...and pass this on to those others who might. i'll be putting more around venice, maybe your area could use a few. it's a good way to point to what we all seem to step around and do nothing about, and sometimes, step into when we're not actively looking. if the search seems daunting and going public with flags too far, may i suggest that if you have a dog, let it do it's thing on the front yard and collect all seven flags on one lawn. or pick your favorite. it's fun for kid's too.

in the least...think about the good morning, everyday.

cheers to you.
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