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Tete line-up | by Steve Attwood
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Tete line-up

Photographed at Travis Wetland, Christchurch, New Zealand.


Tete - Grey Teal - Anas gracilis.


A dabbling duck found in open wetlands in Australia and New Zealand.


In New Zealand they were rare and local until a large number migrated from Australia to New Zealand, largely due to drought pressure in Australia.


Now common in shallow coastal lakes and lagoons with good margins of swamp and willows.


Protected native. While some are accidentally shot in duck shooting season, the population is growing.


Mottled brown duck with white and green flashes on its wings. The male and female Grey Teal share the same colouration. Juveniles are paler than adults, especially on the head. Nests near its favoured freshwater lakes and marshes, usually on the ground, but also in tree holes or rabbit burrows.

This is a vocal duck, especially at night. The male gives a soft preep, and the female has a loud quack.


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Taken on June 17, 2012