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Happy | by Matthew Watkins
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An orphaned story (fingerpainted on an iphone with brushes app.)

by Matthew Watkins

explored #320 Nov 9, 2009



- Hello!! This is The Happy Line! I am Stan, operator 8721, I hope you are having a happy day! How can I help you?




- Hello, hello. This is Stan... The Happy Line....




- Hello Stan. My name is Carmella. I am not very happy today. In fact I think I'm depressed.


- Carmella, I am soooo sorry to hear that! What's bringing you down? Would you like to talk to me about it?




- Carmella?


- Yes stan. I'm here. Can I ask you a question? A personal question?


- Sure Carmella, fire away, that's what I'm here for.


- Stan, how do I know you are not a "bot". I don't talk to bots..


- A what?


- A bot... An A.I., an artificial intelligence... a... a robot.


[Stan laughs]


- Ha, me a robot. That's really funny Carmella. No I am a human. 100%. I just pinched myself, and OW, it HURT....


- I want to believe you stan. Tell me you are not a bot.


- No way... Nothing mechanical or electronic about me. I can't even program my alarm clock. Today i overslept by almost an hour.

If my girlfriend hadn't woke me up with a call I'd have been fired for sure.


- Hh, you have a girlfriend. That's nice Stan. What's her name.


- You know Carmella i am not supposed to give out my personal information over the phone, but I like you. I trust you Carmella. Her name is Felicity.


- That's a great name Stan. You know, it means happy. Are you happy Stan?


- Oh yeah! Real happy. I have a great job. I meet cool people all the time like you Carmella. What's there not to be happy about?


- That's nice. You know Stan, it's been great talking with you. You know, I don't think I am depressed at all anymore.


- That's great Carmella! Wooohooo!! I am like sooooooooo happy about that!!


- Stan. Can I ask you another question?


- Sure Carmella, shoot away! That's what I'm here for.


- Stan, You don't mind... talking to robots?


- No Carmella, I like Robots. Robots are cool.


- Thank you Stan. You are such a nice boy.


[Carmella hangs up]


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Taken on November 9, 2009