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Fear | by Brinker.Design
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Log Entry: 236

Wednesday April 11th 3465 S.E.A.


Bill Died yesterday. In our panic we hid in the small pond inside the arboretum and hoped the water would hide our scent from the wolf. We knew it had been following us as we tried to make our escape we just didn't know how close it was until it was to late. I am ashamed to say that I didn't even look back. As soon as it grabbed Bill I ran like the coward I am and didn't stop until I passed out from exhaustion.


When I came to I found myself in an unfamiliar part of the space station America and by all the medical equipment around I knew I had somehow entered the experiment facility itself. A sudden rage at the idiot scientist filled me and I set out to find why those bastards created such a crime against nature. I quickly booted up a terminal and started sifting through the data.


After what seemed like an eternity I found what I was looking for. The head scientists private notes. Unfortunately I needed his passcard to access the files so I started searching for his office. What I found shook me to my core. As I walked in the first thing I noticed was that it looked like someone had ransacked the room and then I saw the bodies. As I took in the horrible scene something something in the corner caught my attention. It was a human being contained inside a test tube. Quickly I grabbed the passcard from the desk and ran to the terminal, I had to find out just what was going on in this facility.


As I turned I heard it, a soft shuffling coming down the corridor, then I saw its shadow and the horrible truth dawned on me. The creature had made this room its dwelling.


I cannot get out... A shadow lurks in the dark... I cannot get out... It is coming...







A continuation/end to the story I started in "Experiment Gone Wrong" and I would highly suggest reading the other story if you want everything to make sense. Also, by no means am I master writer, so please, don't take the story seriously. I wrote both of them right after I uploaded them and they are bound to have mistakes :P


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