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Another brotha senselessly murdered the local headlines read. Only this this time the brotha, Mu Mu Rodriguez was someone this nobody knew, a friend. Not a close friend, I had only known him a couple of years. He was kind enough to share his retail space with me to do Tattoo’s when I first moved to the area. Last week we spoke in my driveway, and I shared with Mu Mu for the first time WHY it is so important for me to try to inspire and assist young people in the inner cities. I told MuMU, “there but for the grace of God go I.” I said, “these aren’t bad kids, they’re just making BAD choices. I too once made bad choices, I just didn’t get caught. There must have been a reason God spared me” I said. Then I told him, So, If you know any teenagers around here this summer who I might be able to help, hollar at your boyyee. That was last Wednesday, We spoke again late Sunday afternoon, he had just returned from fishing. next day Mu Mu was murdered. We were’nt that close, I bareley knew the man. So I can’t explain why it is hurting so much. Maybe I’m just tired of “Us killing Us” maybe I’m soft. And now I too, join the chorus of family and friends of murder victims who ask, WHY?.5150. Damn, Mu MU. Damn yall. This shit has me crying like a damn baby. You would think Mu Mu was my brother or something. He was. - TMNK

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Taken on April 30, 2008