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Black-headed Weaver (Ploceus melanocephalus) | by Brian Carruthers-Dublin-Eire
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Black-headed Weaver (Ploceus melanocephalus)

French: Tisserin à tête noire German: Schwarzkopfweber Spanish: Tejedor Cabecinegro

Other common names: Yellow-backed Weaver, Yellow-collared Weaver, Gambian Black-headed Weaver, Yellow-collared Weaver (capitalis), Yellow-backed Weaver (capitalis), Victoria Masked Weaver, Entebbe Weaver (presumed hybrid with P. castanops), Lake Victoria Weaver (presumed hybrid with P. castanops)



Loxia melanocephala


Linnaeus, 1758,




Has been thought possibly to form a superspecies with P. dicrocephalus. May hybridize with P. castanops in Uganda; both sight records and specimens of probable hybrids exist, and hybrid was previously described as a separate species, P. victoriae. Has hybridized with P. taeniopterus in NE DRCongo. Proposed race fischeri (described from Mwanza, in NW Tanzania) synonymized with dimidiatus. Four subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution

P. m. melanocephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) – S Mauritania, N & SW Senegal, Gambia, S Mali and SW Niger.

P. m. capitalis (Latham, 1790) – W Guinea-Bissau, E Guinea, Burkina Faso, NE Ghana, N Togo, Nigeria (on major rivers), N Cameroon, SW Chad and N Central African Republic.

P. m. dimidiatus (Antinori & Salvadori, 1873) – SE Sudan, W Eritrea, NE DRCongo, Uganda, SW Kenya and NW Tanzania.

P. m. duboisi Hartlaub, 1886 – E PRCongo, S Central African Republic, SW Sudan, C & SE DRCongo and N Zambia.



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Taken on April 7, 2016