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finite lands II | by john grzinich
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finite lands II

Dear Dan MacAskill,

Why send out desperate emails begging the flickr user base, many of whom have been around longer than you, to go 'Pro' implying that the flickr will go under if they don't? It reads more as a threat and makes us feel like it's our responsibility to save flickr when in fact that's your job. I think everyone here understands that there are costs involved and appreciate what flickr has to offer (since we're still around you know), enough to want to help out and contribute what we can. So why can't you offer a 'pay for what you use' rate scale? Why only 'Pro' or 'Free', when in fact most users are somewhere in between? As I've said before, I see no reason why I should pay the same amount as a user who stores thousands of images on flickr as a back up, when I only feel like sharing a few hundred images. Like many, I am here for the community aspect, to inspire and be inspired, not to be a stat junkie or simply to dump every photo I take because it 'pays to be a Pro' (really it's fine if people want to do that, but not me). This is the internet in 2019 for goodness sake. I think we deserve the options, flexibility and receptiveness that we know is possible from a company that supposedly cares. Based on the tone of your recent plea I guess 2020 will tell. Seasons greetings y'all.


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Taken on September 6, 2019