Podziękowania dla Wojtka Hartunga za Maraton Sierpniowy - Making of
Wojtek is an energetic person who is making continuous effort towards popularising speed inline rollerblades in Gdańsk and Poland. Today we had 5th Maraton Sierpniowy in Gdańsk around beautiful venue of PGE Arena with special inline track. Gdańsk has awesome inline society so a couple of us came with an idea to thank Wojtek in a special way. This is how we roll in Gdańsk!

You Tube snapshots: youtu.be/3BdzNX_9lU8 and youtu.be/LS1NVUfBZ-Q
Photo album: www.flickr.com/photos/60836957@N03/sets/72157635103874405/

Event: maratonsierpniowy.pl
Helicam operator: Sebastian 'Speed' Nowicki seba@op1.pl
Helicam camera operator: Lucy Malinowska sportmania.gd.pl
Photos: Bartek Nowakowski: about.me/bartek.nowakowski
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