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Carcará (Caracara plancus) *Explored* | by Fabio Rage
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Carcará (Caracara plancus) *Explored*

It has a total length of 50–65 cm (20–26 in) and a wingspan of 120-132 cm (47-52 in). Weight is 0.9-1.6 kg (2-3.5 lbs).[1] Individuals from the colder southern part of its range average larger than those from tropical regions (as predicted by Bergmann's rule) and are the largest type of caracara. The cap, belly, thighs, most of the wings and tail-tip are dark brownish, the auriculars, throat and nape are whitish-buff, and the chest, neck, mantle, back, uppertail-coverts, crissum and basal part of the tail are whitish-buff barred dark brownish. In flight, the outer primaries show a large conspicuous whitish-buff patch ('window'), as in several other species of caracaras. The legs are yellow and the bare facial skin and cere are deep yellow to reddish-orange. Juveniles resemble adults, but are paler, with streaking on the chest, neck and back, grey legs, and whitish, later pinkish-purple, facial skin and cere.

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Taken on December 25, 2012