Mom's 50th Mt. Vesuvius Cake
My mom said she wanted a special cake for her 50th birthday. When I asked what she wanted, she said she wanted it to have Devil Dogs on it. The idea escalated from there. The cake ended up being a volcano cake.

I made two 8 inch layers for the bottom and two 6 inch layers for the top. I frosted everything with Cool Whip. Then I put the devil dogs around it so that it slanted it outwards. I put a chocolate cupcake on top and then used the leftover chocolate cake that I cut off the layers (to level them) and cut them into triangles and using Cool Whip, I slanted them onto the cupcake, so it gave the cone shape. I took the rest of the Cool Whip and put a big pile on top and then used a pastry bag to put lines of Cool Whip down the side. I then put halved strawberries on the lines. We drizzled hot fudge down the sides, as well. My mom put little cream puffs around the cake for the "inhabitants" that were fleeing from the errupting volcano. We would have loved to put sparklers on top and light them, but that would have been a bit dangerous, so Mom put Pixie Stix on top instead.

I should get a prize for this thing!
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