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Zero is very unique and very special number.

Any number multiplied by zero will always give you zero.

A zero divided by any number (not zero) will also give you zero.

It is the only number that cannot be a divisor.

A zero added to any number the answer is the given number.

A zero subtratcted to any number, the answer is the number with opposite sign (unless the given number is zero)

Zero is not a positive integer nor negetive integer.

zero is called ORIGIN in the cartesian plane. It is the center of all number.

Zero has the shape of round. It is similar to a circle. It has no reference point. It is continuous and infinite.

In counting numbers we don't start at zero.

special charcteristics:

any number (except zero) raised to zero is equal to 1

0!(factorial) is equal to 1


Do you think zero is a number?

Of course!!

Imagine life without zero.





The word zero comes through the Arabic literal translation of the Sanskrit śūnya, meaning void or empty, into ṣifr (صفر) meaning empty or vacant. Through transliteration this became zephyr or zephyrus in Latin.The Italian mathematician Fibonacci (c.1170-1250), who grew up in Arab North Africa and is credited with introducing the Hindu decimal system to Europe, used the term zephyrum. This became zefiro in Italian, which was contracted to zero in Venetian, giving the modern English word.


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Taken on November 24, 2006