Walt Disney World, Sept 1971 & Beyond
These are the pictures that I took on my very first visit as a "guest"
to the Magic Kingdom Theme Park at Walt Disney World, in September of 1971. I had been working construction for Buena Vista Land Company, in the Rivers of America & FrontierLand attraction areas. The park was opened for one day only, for all construction workers who had worked on different projects within the Theme Park. I had already been hired by the Walt Disney company in August, 1971, as a "Lodging Host" for the Contemporary Hotel. So, I was not only lucky enough to participate in the building & construction of WDW, I was also an "Original" employee of WDW!

1/2/07 - I had originally set up this set for the few pictures that I had from 1971. Since that time, I have decided to continue adding to this set with pictures from all of my visits to WDW

Remember the 20,000 Leagues E attraction? Gone now, but you can still listen to Nemo's Pipe Organ: www.omniluxe.net/wyw/20korgan.mp3
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