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215/365: sun shower (and TAGGED! and BAM 9/52) | by SuperDewa
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215/365: sun shower (and TAGGED! and BAM 9/52)

Picture Summer Day 24

Assignment: Larger than Life (a shadow self-portrait)


I took a similar photo to this one two months ago -- why does it feel like I'm cheating? I also feel like I'm cheating using a shadow portrait for BAM, but I'm a week behind, and I wanted to catch up.


I was tagged a month ago by SnapYappy (please go visit that link and read what she wrote -- it will make you smile!), but because I have had some pretty heavy things going on in my life, I am only getting to this now.


Six names you go by:

1. Deirdre

2. Superdewa

3. Dewa

4. D

5. Big D

6. Mom


Three things you are wearing right now:

1. A pair of black pants

2. a teal v-neck t-shirt

3. a few sillybands -- yes, sillybands


Four things you want very badly at this moment:

1. for my family to be healthy in body and mind (this is a huge and meaningful priority right now)

2. a Nikon D90 -- desperately

3. a car -- we're somehow making do with one between us, and it sucks big time

4. to be able to hire someone to clean my house


Three types of pizza I would order right now: from somewhere other than my podunk town that apparently forgets we're barely over two hours from both NYC and Boston -- we really ought to have better pizza here

2. I would settle for the local place's kalamata olive & artichoke heart pizza

3. bacon -- because anything's better with bacon


Two things you did last night.

1. fell asleep while trying to watch a movie

2. woke up and stayed up really late editing photos and posting them to flickr


Last two people you talked to on the phone.

1. this evening -- my daughters' friend to tell her a few of us would be able to meet her to see Eclipse

2. yesterday evening(I am not a phone person) -- my 13-year-old daughter, who has been away for a while


Two things you are going to do tomorrow:

1. clean my kitchen

2. deal with some paperwork that's been eating away at me


Three favorite drinks.

1. right now I'm loving Pimm's cups (thanks Jude)!

2. lemonade and limeade

3. a really good cup of coffee


::The Random Fact Ingredient::

1. I'm called Superdewa because I am almost 11 years older than my sister, and when she was little, she couldn't say "Deirdre." Instead she called me "Dewa." Then my Mom was on bedrest with another pregnancy that wasn't going so well, and I had to take care of my sister and make dinner several nights a week. When my Dad would come home, he'd lead my little sister in a chant of "Yay, Super Dewa!" It stuck.


2. I am 41 and only learned to drive a car seven years ago. I grew up and lived most of my life in New York City and never needed to drive. I love where I live, but the truth is, if I could afford to and could tear my girls away from here, I'd move back in a heartbeat. Part of the reason for that is I still don't enjoy driving. I don't get around much.


Now TAG! YOU'RE it! -- answer if you feel like it, and whether or not I actually tagged you. I'd hate for anyone to feel pressure from me!

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Taken on July 24, 2010